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What is a 3D digital twin? How it works?

Imagine a world where you can walk through your factory floor virtually, in real-time, and see exactly what’s happening. With 3D digital twins, this is no longer science fiction. A 3D digital twin is a virtual replica of a physical factory, constantly updated with real-time data from sensors. This data can include everything from machine…
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sports training football

Sports Training Revolution with 3D Digital Twin Technology

In an era where technology continuously reshapes our approach to health and fitness, sports training stands on the cusp of a monumental shift. The advent of 3D digital twin technology promises to redefine how athletes train, strategize, and perform, by converging virtual and physical to enhance athletic performance like never before. A digital twin is…
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Cloud-Native 3D Digital Twin

Most people seem to be at a complete loss when it comes to describing the cloud. Simply put, the term is used to refer to internet-accessible computer system resources, such as servers, databases and software. Instead of storing data on your computer’s hard drive, users can now conveniently store and access their data at any…
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Facebook Metaverse

Facebook Metaverse: what distinguishes it from 3D digital twin?

The idea of the metaverse has captivated the attention of rich executives and credulous pundits over the past two years, hitting a fever pitch when the company formerly known as Facebook changed its name to Meta Platforms Inc. and said it was pivoting to be a full-time metaverse company. It’s not clear what companies like…
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Metaverse and 3D digital twin: Is it the same?

After Facebook announced on October 28 its plans to invest heavily in metaverse technologies over the coming decade, the number of apps that referenced the word metaverse grew 66% month-over-month by November. As of the end of November, 29 apps had been updated to include the word, more than double the 11 apps in October.…
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What distinguishes Infinite Foundry from competition?

Infinite Foundry uses 3D digital twin technology, which means it scans the facility to get a precise 3D model, unlike competition that only collects data from the facility. From the 3D model it is possible to assist the real time animation of the factory. Other digital twin companies in the market present the data in a…
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Do we do outdoor environments?

Yes, in that case we scan the outdoor environments with the laser scanner mounted on a drone or a car.


What do we really sell? A service or a software?

Infinite Foundry sells a software that processes the data from laser scan to obtain a 3D model of the building and the and production equipment. This 3D model is animated through the connection with the factory sensors. Typically in the first project we deliver the turnkey service. This includes the scan, the 3D scenario which…
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Is workers data secure?

Yes, the name of the workers is never recorded. Each worker is assigned to a number. Only the company has access to the names. The motion capture device only measures the movement of the body and stress conditions, like bad posture and the impact the position has in the body. It does not measure the…
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Do I need to buy any software for the program run?

No, the 3D scenario is installed like a videogame, so it does not require any further software. It is only necessary to run the setup. The software that processes the laser scan and builds the 3D model is constantly updated by Infinite Foundry. The customer can pay those updates through an annual contract that also…
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How the scenarios are updated? Do we need to call Infinite Foundry whenever we change the factory?

The scenarios are updated by re-scan the area that was changed, and that laser scan can be done for the customer. That change is then updated in the previous 3D model. The customer can rent the laser scan equipment to Infinite Foundry.